High-power XUV beamlines

XUV beamline

Sources of short-wavelength radiation, such as synchrotrons or free-electron lasers, have already enabled numerous applications and will facilitate more seminal studies. On the other hand, sources of coherent extreme ultraviolet to soft x-ray radiation via high-harmonic generation (HHG) of ultrashort-pulse lasers have gained significant attention in the last years due to their enormous potential to address a plethora of applications in a cost-effective and tabletop format. Therefore, they constitute a complementary source to large-scale facilities. The photon-flux values obtained by fiber-laser-driven HHG sources can be considered the highest of all laser systems for photon energies between 20 eV – 150 eV. Even higher photon energies up to the soft X-ray regime are feasible using Tm-based driving lasers.

AFS ultrafast fiber lasers are ideal high-harmonic drivers. These turnkey HHG beamlines can address several applications in the EUV to X-ray spectral region.