Materials processing

Application notes Materials processing

In the last years, numerous materials processing techniques have been revolutionized by the non-tactile nature of laser beams. This includes welding, cutting, drilling, ablation, surface structuring, perforation and alike techniques.

Many of these applications benefit from the use of femtosecond lasers which allows materials processing of practically any material with outstanding precision and minimal collateral damage. The improvements in the morphology of the processed material by using femtosecond pulses rather than nanosecond pulses has been studied in numerous publications [1-3]. Often the morphology can further be improved by utilizing flexible laser bursts [4], which can be produced by a patented technology of AFS. Furthermore, access to different wavelengths ranging from the XUV, 343nm over 515nm, 1030nm and 1950nm all the way to the Mid-IR enables efficient, high-quality processing of all kinds of materials.