Addon: Post-compression

Few-cycle multi-pass-cell

Nonlinear compression is an elegant way to shorten the pulse duration of pulses beyond the capabilities of the employed laser gain medium. It is characterized by highest beam quality and stability, power scalability and high efficiency.

In addition, the technique perfectly fits to AFS fiber-based ultrafast laser systems in terms of mode-matching. The nonlinear-compression add-on can be applied to a large span of pulse energies ranging from µJ to several mJ, supports average powers in the kW-range and enables high quality few-cycle pulses when starting from pulses in the range of 300 fs.

A stable carrier-envelope phase is a key requirement for many applications. In particular when working with few-cycle pulse durations it is often a necessity not only for atto-second science. AFS offers system designs enabling ultra-low CEP-noise for all our CPAs up to kW average power levels. Furthermore, we can provide the required oscillators, detection and feedback system to keep the CEP noise at a minimum, enabling your applications.

Photo-credit: Imre Seres


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