Introducing Islandic vulcanoes – new product names starting from 1st of April 2022

At AFS customers have priority. We have been working on simplifying our ordering process for a long time. Product identity is important and it should be easy to relate to a laser you are working with or want to purchase soon. Thus we decided to rename our products using islandic volcanoes.

‘The rough force of nature a volcano represents is the only thing that comes close to the power of our lasers.’ , says Dr. Sven Breitkopf, Head of Sales at AFS, ‘It was a logic decision that did not require lengthy discussions.’

CTO Dr. Tino Eidam is also thrilled about the changes: When Sales first came up with the idea, I was immediately excited. It has never been easier to order a laser. Just call, say you would like to have one Þeistareykjabunga and two Hvannadalshnúkur and everything is settled’

The entire adminstration is happy too: ‘As usual, Sales & Marketing have the best ideas and it is nice and easy to implement these changes into our ERP system and workflow definitions.’, says CFO Caroline Guthknecht.